Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Efficiency Front

A number of "green" related news items today:
  • Hybrid-Car Hype at the Frankfurt Auto Show - So I'm starting to agree with the Europeans that the hybrids are more hype than help. In the '80's a Honda CRX HF got 50 mpg, perhaps the the new hybrids have better performance, I don't know. But for the expense they don't get hugely more mpg. I want to see diesel-electric hybrids. More coverage at Forbes.

  • Bill introduced to require better MPG - A bipartisan bill introduced in the house would require automakers to increase efficiency of vehicles to an average of 33 MPG instead of the current 25 MPG.

  • Forbes has an article on GE's Green movement (registration required) - I read this while waiting in a Dr.'s office this week. It points out that regardless of your motivation, there is money to be made by being "green".
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