Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good News for the Economy?

Given that the stock market is generally considered a leading indicator of the economy. I feel the economy is about to take off. While the press wants to debate the possibility of a double dip recession, the stock market has been having nothing of it recently.

I came to this conclusion because I was looking for a good time to buy MSB stock. MSB is Mesabi Trust, which is an iron ore trust. This basically means investing in it is betting that the price of iron will either stay steady (if you want the dividend) or go up (for capital appreciation). Normally this stock goes down on bad economic news and up on good news. A little over a month ago it stopped reacting to bad news. Since the beginning of august the stock has gone from $24/share to a peak of $34/share yesterday. Even with today's 10% drop to $30.30, that is a good run for a commodity stock. Other stocks (like Apple) have been doing well through September. If this trend continues into November, then I think we will have a great spring in 2011.
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