Sunday, September 25, 2005

What Ford should do

Rumor has it that Bill Ford wants to have an 'energy summit." Having auto executives meeting with political leaders might lead to progress. But there is much Bill Ford could do on his own.
Europeans seem to rave about the Ford Ka, a stylish sub-compact. People who have driven them in Europe wish Ford would sell them here. And with the sucess of cars like the Mini and the Scion xA, selling the Ka in the U.S. could be a viable option.

Beyond the Ka, there is also the European Ford Focus, which has many more engine options than are available in the U.S. Focus. Included in those options are multiple diesel engines that get between 40 and 70 mpg (British miles to British gallons, I presume). Ford would be well advised to bring some of its European offerings to this side of the pond. Engineers at Ford shook up the American car market when they introduced the Taurus, but that was in the 1980's and its now 2005. Some of the stylish and efficient models from Europe might breath a little life into Ford's U.S. sales.
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