Monday, September 26, 2005

More on EuroFocus

The folks over at autoblog have two bits of Ford news that tie into last night's post.
  • One is about how no one knows when Ford will turn a profit again. Their cars are rather boring in the extreme. The new Mustang is the exception, at least from the outside. I'm still not sure if the cool body makes up for the "amusing" interior. Honestly the only Ford car I would consider is the Focus. Which brings us to ...
  • Autoblog also has some praise for the New European Ford Focus. The U.S. will not see the second generation Focus from Ford, we get that platform only as the Mazda3 and the Volvo S40. I have heard the following quote on the news: "In April Toyota sold more Prius hybrids than Mercury sold all models combined." If this is true then Ford should dump the traditional Mercury models (slightly upscale Fords) and reintroduce the brand by selling the company's European models in the U.S. under the Mercury name. This would allow them to treat the Mercury brand much as Honda treats the Acura brand.
Bill are you listening? I'll take a job as a Senior VP any day. If Mercury's sales are less than the Prius Ford doesn't have much to lose in trying this approach.
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