Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Bio-Diesel World

I read one article at Wired this afternoon, and realized that at the bottom there were a number of bio-diesel articles at The following list is a run down of the articles:
  • As I noted before, the military has an interest in fuel efficiency. In this Wired article we learn that the military is the country's largest user of bio-diesel. "When Erwin Rommel's Panzer tanks ran out of diesel fuel in North Africa in World War II, the German general poured cooking oil into their gas tanks to keep the vehicles fighting."
  • This article on Bio-Diesel adoption tells us that "When inventor Rudolf Diesel first showed his engine at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris, it was running on 100 percent peanut oil."
  • Here is a pre-hurricane season article on the rise of bio-diesel co-ops.
  • The Tour de Sol, which is a alternative fueled car competition, is covered in this article from 2004.
  • This article describe the inevitability of diesel hybrids. Which leads us to diesel hybrids running on bio-diesel.
    Kahn said that the ultimate green machine would be a hybrid-diesel car running on biodiesel, which is made from plants such as soybeans.
    "If you factor in biodiesel, then you have a total solution," he said.
Of course that last one really appeals to me, should save money in the long run, and be much better for the environment.
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