Friday, February 24, 2006

Warren's way

My friend promptly read yesterday's entry and sent me an e-mail advising me to not assume I know what Buffett thinks just from reading Hagstrom's books. This is a valid argument and I realize that more reading will be needed. At this point I'm still willing to go on the record as saying I will be very surprised if at any point Buffett suggests you should "put all of your eggs in one basket."

My friend suggested that I read Buffett's letters to share holders, which he described as "really a collection of essays written to the readers of his reports on making good investment decisions and they go into great detail on how to evaluate investments." It turns out these letters (at least some of them) are available on line at the Berkshire Hathaway website. It is worth going through the Berkshire website as there are other items of interest there besides the letters. Hopefully I will have time to read it in coming months.
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